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My Beloved Family

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Arpan Datta Roy on My Beloved Family

Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain
Mrs. Rukaiya Rahman (Wife) 

Mr. Syed Raihan (Son; DOB: 01.08.2011)           Mr. Syed Motachhir Ali (father)
Ms. Syed Arshin (Daughter; DOB: 24.10.2017)    Mrs Aleya Begam (Mother)

                                 Further details about my family: click here

arshin-raihanSyed Arshin and Syed Raihan (September, 2019)

Syed Arshin (March, 2018)

A4 size

 Myself along with my beloved son  (Raihan) and wife (Rukaiya)
(December, 2011)



Raihan in different pose
(October, 2013)


 Raihan in front of TAJMAHAL , Agra
October, 2013)


(August, 2012)


(August, 2012)

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  1. Arpan Datta Roy says:

    Apart from the very busy schedule, how to maintain the family as well as the social relationships, Dr. S. A. Hussain is an ignite exam to us.

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