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1. Prof. Robert A. Schoonheydt
Centre for Surface Science and Catalysis
K. U. Leuven, Belgium

2. Prof. Jun Kawamata
Department of Chemistry
Yamaguchi University, Japan

3. Prof. T. Matsumoto
Department of Chemistry & Macromolecular Science
Osaka University, Japan

4. Dr. Pabitra Kumar Paul
Department of Physics
Jadavpur University, India

5. Prof. Mohamed Mehdi CHEHIMI
Leader of the Surface & Interface research team
Université Paris
Diderot -CNRS (UMR 7086),
15 rue Jean de Baïf, 75013 Paris, France

6. Prof. Dilip Kumar Maiti, FRSC
Department of Chemistry
University of Calcutta, India
E-mail : dkmchem@caluniv.ac.in,

7. Prof. Swapan Majumder
Department of Chemistry
Tripura University, India
Email: smajumdar@tripurauniv.in


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  1. […] group has active collaboration with different well established National and International research gropus viz (i) Prof. Robert A. […]

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