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·Articles (non-technical) written by me
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Sankhaloghu Muslimder Arthasamajik Obosthan – Poschadpodota O Protikar
(Published In Dainik Nababarta Prasanga dated 03.11.2014 published from Assam)

Loksobha Nirbachan O Rajnaitik Sankat (Published in Dainik Sambad dated 10.05.2014)  download pdf

1. Higher Education In India Needs Proper Policy

2. Lack of scientific outlook.            click here

3. Langmuir-Blodgett Films a unique tool for molecular electronics.    click here

4. An Introduction to Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).    click here

5. Can we see the atom?        click here

6. Bharatio Muslimder Ogrogoti O Tar Ontorai (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

7. Sikha Khetre samprodikota (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

8. Bigganer Dristite Mohabiswer Dharona (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

9. Bharoter Moulik Biggan Gobhesonar Man (Bengali)        click here

10. Sadhinottor Bharote Uchhosikkhar Cromo Bikash (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

11. Bharote Biggan O Projukti Bidyar Gobhesona: Kichu Porjalochona (Bengali)    click hereI

12. Sikkha Bhavna Sikkha Chetona O Manov Sompod Unnoyan (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

13. Ami Engineer Hobo (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

14. Ajker Obhivabok (Bengali)        click here

 15. Nano-capacitors: the root towards the super power battery

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