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Some of my articles (non-technical) given below. However for details please visit my Blog linked above.

11 Aim to Develop Technology  download in pdf
North East Colors 17-02-2020
11 International Conference on Material Science (ICMS2020) at Tripura University focusing on the technological development click here     pdf format

11  Bigganer dristite sesh bicharer diner dharona (bengali)

       (Science of the day of judgement)    download    see at the newspaper online
(Published In Dainik Nababarta Prasanga dated 24.01.2019 published from Assam)

11 Sankhaloghu Muslimder Arthasamajik Obosthan – Poschadpodota O Protikar     Download    see at the newspaper online
(Published In Dainik Nababarta Prasanga dated 03.11.2014 published from Assam)

11 Loksobha Nirbachan O Rajnaitik Sankat (Published in Dainik Sambad dated 10.05.2014)  download pdf

11 Higher Education In India Needs Proper Policy      Link for fulltext
(Published in Countercurrents 6th Feb, 2014)

11 Lack of scientific outlook.            click here

11 Langmuir-Blodgett Films a unique tool for molecular electronics.    click here

11 An Introduction to Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET).    click here

11 Can we see the atom?        click here

11 Bharatio Muslimder Ogrogoti O Tar Ontorai (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

11 Sikha Khetre samprodikota (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

11 Bigganer Dristite Mohabiswer Dharona (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

11 Bharoter Moulik Biggan Gobhesonar Man (Bengali)        click here

11 Sadhinottor Bharote Uchhosikkhar Cromo Bikash (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

11 Bharote Biggan O Projukti Bidyar Gobhesona: Kichu Porjalochona (Bengali)    click hereI

11  Sikkha Bhavna Sikkha Chetona O Manov Sompod Unnoyan (Bengali)    part-I        part-II

11 Ami Engineer Hobo (Bengali)        part-I        part-II

11 Ajker Obhivabok (Bengali)        click here

11  Nano-capacitors: the root towards the super power battery

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