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bleu A Walk Down The Memory Lane …..

 List of albums (click to visit)

11 An interaction with Nobel Laureate Sir Prof Harry Kroto

11 Japan tour during March, 2018: click here

11 Workshop 26-28 March 2018: click here

11 My online photo album at photobucket

11 My Japan visit during Nov-Dec., 2013 (in facebook)

11 My son and nephew  (in facebook)

11 Our family tour to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur during Oct., 2013 (in facebook)

11 Raihan growing up (in facebook)

11 Starting album (new)

11 Bangladesh tour (October, 2011)
11 Album-1 (Few of my family photos during Eid-ul-fitr, 2010)
11 Album-3 (Me on the way to Belgium)
11  Album-19
11 Album-18 (My Trier, Germany tour)
11 Album-17 (Brussels)
11  Album-14 (Icy white K.U. Leuven campus)
11  Album-10 (Me with Sree)
11  Album-8 (My visit to Dinant & Naamur)
11  Album-6 (My Laboratory)
11  Album-13 (My Luxemberg tour)
11  Album-11 (Prof. R. A. Schooneydt’s house)
11  Album-9 (My Paris tour)
11  Album-7 (Waterlo Battle field, Brussels)
11  Album-5 (City Hall, Leuven)
11  Album-4 (K. U. Leuven Campus)
11  Album-20 (UGC expert team’s visit to our department)
11 Album-21 (My Shillong tour)
11 Nirmahal with Prof. N. K. Sharma
11  Playing bauling at Leuven, Belgium
11  Jishan and Soha
11 My room at Leuven, Belgium
11 Jishan and Soha
11 My research goup at Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catelysis, K.U. Leuven, Belgium
11 Hugo’s house

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