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Research Groups

  • No of Scholars perusing Ph. D. — 06          
  • No of Scholars awarded Ph. D. — 10
  • No of Scholars awarded M. Phill. — 03
  • No of Post. Doc. completed 02
  • No of M.Sc. Dissertation guided — 15
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Prof. Syed Arshad Hussain
Group Leader

Ongoing PhD scholars

Mr Surajit Sarkar

Topic: Studies on the opto-electronic behaviour of indolyl derivatives assembled onto thin films for memory applications

Mr Shazidul Islam

Topic: Tuning the chromatic phases of Polydiacetelene to design bio-sensors

Mr Hritinava Banik

Topic: Study of resistive switching phenomenon for biodegradable and transient memory applications

Mr Rahul Dev

Topic: Design of resistive memory using coumerin derivatives for organic electronics application

Ms Farhana Yasmin Rahman

Topic: Design and investigations of memory devices using plant extract

Ms. Sangita Majumder

Topic: Design of PDA based VOC sensors

Ongoing M.Sc. Project Students:


Ms. Anupama Das
Ms. RituparnaGhosh

Topic: Study of I-V characteristics of ZnO-indolyl hybrid system


Mr. Sayantan Choudhury
Mr. Twithelnai Jamatia
Mr. Susmita Das

Topic: Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticle and their characterizations

LAB Alumni

List of Ph.D. awarded:

Dr. Sudip Suklabaidya (2022) To download the thesis     click here
Topic: Investigations of Polydiacetelenes assembled onto Langmuir and Langmuir – Blodgett Films

Mr. Bapi Dey (2019)
Topic: Electrical and optical characterizations of some organic molecules assembled onto ultra thin films

Mr. Pintu Debnath (2019)    To download the thesis     click here
Title: Study of molecular aggregates of cyanine dyes in ultra-thin films

Dr. Arpan Datta Roy (2018)   To download the thesis     click here
Title: Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in presence of Biological Molecules”

Dr. Jaba Saha (2018)  To download the thesis     click here
Title: Study of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) and its sensing applications
Present Position: Working as Women Scientist, DST, Govt. of India

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty (2015)   To download the thesis   11  click here
 Spectroscopic characterizations of some organic molecules in presence and absence of nanodimensional clay sheets in restricted geometry of ultra-thin films.
Present Position: Asst. Professor, Dept. of Physics, NIT- Agartala, Tripura.

Dr. Dibyendu Dey(2015)  To download the thesis     click here
Title: A comparative study of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) in solution phase and in hybrid films prepared by LB and LBL techniques 
Present Position:  PG Teacher in Schools, Govt. of Tripura

Dr. Nurul Islam (2013)  To download the thesis     click here
Title: Photo physical characterizations of organized molecular assemblies in ultrathin films fabricated by Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) and Layer by Layer (LbL) self assembled (SAM) techniques 
Present Position: 
Asst. Professor, Govt. Degree College, Tripura.

Dr. Sekhar Chakraborty (2013)   To download the thesis     click here
Title: Investigations of molecular and particulate Organization in hybrid organo-clay mono and multilayer films
Present Position:
 Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Biotechnology & Engineering and the Institute of Applied Biosciences,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,Israel

Dr. Dhananjay Dey (2012)  To download the thesis     click here
Title:  Spectroscopic characterizations of organized Molecular Assemblies in Ultra thin films fabricated by Layer-by-Layer (LbL) self assembled Technique
Present Position: Asst. Professor, Tripura Institute of Technology, Tripura.

Post doctoral Fellow:

1. Dr. Jaba Saha
DST Woman Scientsist (2017-2019)
Contact No: +918794178058
Email: saha.jsaha123@gmail.com

2. Dr. S. Chakraborty
CSIR – Research Associate (2017 -2020)
Email: sekharchak@gmail.com

Master in Philosophy (M. Phill.)  

Ms. Namita Das (2007)
 Photophysical Characterizations of Organized Molecular Assemblies of Pyrene in Mixed LB Films

Mr. Shirshendu Choudhury (2007)
 Optical characterizations of ultrathin films fabricated by Layer by Layer (LbL ) technique

Ms. Nabanita Chackraborty (2007)
 Spectroscopic characterizations of self assembled films of rosebengal

M.Sc. Dissertation (Completed)


Group-I:                                                  Download       Dissertation       Presentation

Anujyoti Bhattacharjee  (Roll No: 1706270006)

Sudipta Debnath (Roll No: 1706270022)

Project Topic: Tools to organize two dimensional molecular assembles: Langmuir-Blodgett Film and Spin coating technique


Group-II:                                                       Download       Dissertation       Presentation

Nabanita Sarkar (Roll No: 1706270027)

Soumita Chakraborty (Roll No: 1706270028)

Project Topic: Imaging at nanoscale using AFM and SEM


Group-I:  Pushmedhu Adhikari

Project Topic: Study of organic dyes in order to identify FRET pair 


Group-I: Sudipta Roy and Pratap Singha
Project Topic: Electrical switching behavior of organic molecule assembled onto ultra thin film

Group-II: Tapash Das and Prasanjit Rudra Paul
Project Topic: Thinfilm transistor


Group-II: Kowshik Saha and Subhasish Sarkar
Project Topic: Optical sensors

Group-I: Pampi Rani Nath and Sangita Dey
Project Topic:  Atomic Force Microscope: Principle and application


Group-II: Pritam Saha and Biswajit Biswas
Project Topic: Thin Film and its Application


Group-I: Basudeb Chaudhury and Gautam Pal
Project Topic: Raman Effect

Group-I: Barnali Saha and Lipika Das
Project Topic: Vacuum Electronics to Molecular Electronics

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